Tumblr is like a Ghost.

Tumblr is like a Ghost. 'Ello everyone!
My names Airjohn, and this is my Tumblr. Im currently "not so new" to tumblr and I've gotten the hang out it, mostly.... Hmm so, I'm currently 18 and like listening to techno, I live in the United States and yeah. Most of the stuff I post/reblog on here is stuff like, really cool art, Doctor Who, Anime, Video games, Techno, and anything thats just inspirational, fancy or just cool~
I own a Ps3, But other than that I'm an average gamer and hopefully in the near future I'll be able to create levels for the video games i love~ You could say im more of a retro gamer; as in I don't just play all those new mainstream games nowadays. (I am a PewDiePie and Cry fan)
I also enjoy Role-playing. So yeah, thats a little slice of my life for you Tumblrs out there!
Also, Feel free to message me... As it gets lonely on here ._.
Stay cool, Tumblr People.
This is old, but I'm too lazy to edit it right now :/ srry guise.

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